The changing learning technology landscape

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Our last blog looked at the UK HE student landscape. This one takes the pulse of educators.

If the top themes at the BETT show are anything to go by, it's about how to meet the expectations of our highly digitally literate students, technology and how these impact pedagogy. Note: BETT is formerly known as British Educational Training and Technology

What are BETT's HE themes for 2015?

  1. Future-proofing your university: meeting the next generation of student expectations
  2. The changing landscape of technology in Higher Education
  3. Behaviour change: creating a community to encourage educators to adopt technology and change pedagogy
  4. Business forum: maintaining your institution's competitiveness
  5. Mobile technology: utilizing and integrating to improve teaching and learning.

No surprise to see the focus on technology's impact on pedagogy, given that the learning technology landscape has progressed at a dizzying pace. It didn't exist 20 years ago, as Todd Hitchcock points out in "Online Learning Is No Longer About Access". And it's moved from simply providing access to content on systems, via the ubiquitous 56K modems (remember those?), through a focus on interactive content, to a focus on pedagogy.

So what's the future? It's all about adaptive content, for the US, and the need to personalise learning and services to match savvy students' consumer expectations.

One thing is for sure, online learning is now mainstream.



BETT's HE themes of 2015

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