It's not about tech; it's about teaching

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It's not about tech; it's about teaching. And that summed up the key messages from the BETT conference this year, surprisingly, from technology-centric PC World.

It's all very well to hand out tablets or develop new computing curriculums - these initiatives only work if... teachers... make the most of them.

One example is about how technology enables collaborative learning, with students and teachers working together in and across classes, and across borders, through services such as Skype. Another is about combining the real and the digital, 3D printing being one example of what's being called "blended reality".

But the focus is on how teaching and how that may evolve with technology, with some claims that technology will impact not only on how we teach, but also what we teach.

Here are the ten lessons learnt from BETT 2015.

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British Educational Training and Technology (BETT)

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