Classroom, hybrid and online considerations

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How a course is implemented can affect learner performance and satisfaction.

As such, Pearson's learning design research team is keen to investigate the learning principles underpinning each implementation model: classroom, hybrid, and online.

Image showing difference between Classroom (delivered by a teacher through a physical classroom), Hybrid (blending face-to-face meetings with out-of-class, technology-mediated activities) and Online (delivered via a learning management system with no physical classroom meetings) instruction.

As we all well know, there isn't a correct or incorrect answer. Rather, an institution's implementation concerns may be affirmed or negated by different models, as shown below:

Implementation concerns Classroom Hybrid Online
Performance results No No No
Convenience Yes No No
Access to instructor No No Yes
Technology anxiety No Yes Yes
Learner anxiety No Yes Yes
Learner isolation No No Yes
Group management No No Yes
Attrition - - No
Rating - - No

The agreed method can be further enhanced by applying the following recommendations:

Implementation recommendations Classroom Hybrid Online
Get familiar with resources Yes Yes Yes
Schedule interaction   Yes  
Create course orientation   Yes Yes
Prove help process Yes Yes Yes
Use consistent processes Yes Yes Yes
Set discussion expectations     Yes
Alert students of reminders     Yes

In summary, the 3 varieties for pedagogical implementation each have pluses and minuses which course design can assuage.

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