Nine ways to help students transition into work

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Student life is full of transitions and choices. Few are so focal as the move into employment after university, and the choice of career.

Prof Rachel Mulvey from the University of Warwick, and Dr Judith Done, former director of careers and employability at the University of Chester, offer advice on a range of graduate choices and experiences.

Three tips for the transition

In this video, Rachel Mulvey shares on how students can adapt to the new structure, gravity and culture in working life. 

‘Being a graduate employee… compared with being a student, I felt more grown up and it felt like I had finally joined the real world.’

- Sally, MChem graduate

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‘You move from school and home to experience the freedom and independence of university, then suddenly you are thrust back into an environment where you must abide by much stricter codes of conduct and adhere to an unwritten rule book of new behaviour expectations.’

- Rose, BSc (Hons) Biology graduate

For students without prior career experience, or those wishing to pursue a new direction, advice on the best way into a new career can be invaluable. Share advice with your students on transitioning from university into work.

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