Conley Readiness Index

This online student readiness and skills analysis tool assesses and identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses related to their skills, behaviours and attitudes.

The report generated by the 30 minute CRI assessment actively encourages students to adopt behaviours or seek out resources to remediate skills gaps and generates actionable data for educators that enables them to offer personalised feedback at scale.

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Online Learning Units

These self-paced, interactive online learning modules are designed to support students with both academic and personal aspects of university life, such as Transitioning into UniversityWellbeing, Learning Online, Skills for University Success and International Students Guide to UK.

The Units give students opportunities to develop key skills and build confidence, which in turn can lead to stronger engagement, higher retention and more successful outcomes.

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We work with universities to ensure students have access to learning materials associated with their course that are prescribed by course leaders. Our print and eBooks can be purchased via a number of retailers but you can browse our subject catalogue for the ISBN of your preferred edition and format.
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