Turn homework mistakes into teachable moments

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Introducing Pearson's AI-Powered Study Tool
Introducing Pearson's AI-Powered Study Tool
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How the AI study tool supports student success

Our aim is to empower you in your interaction with this advanced technology, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for further clarification on how our AI features operate in Pearson eTextbook and MLM. 

icon represents Personalized Homework Help

Personalised Homework Help

When a student answers an assigned question incorrectly, the study tool appears as a study aid, offering to guide the learner step-by-step through a similar problem.

AI-guided practice breaks down complex challenges and helps students solve the homework problem, preparing them for their next assignment or exam.

icon represents Simplified Explanations

Simplified Explanations

The study tool excels at breaking down complex material to help students grasp course concepts. The student can ask for context, clarification or just request a simpler explanation.

Drawing from contextual knowledge based on trusted content, the study tool replies with the help that’s needed.

Icon represents Productive Practice

Productive Practice

When the study tool intervenes to help a student get back on track, it turns that student’s mistake into a learning opportunity.

Walking through guided practice with an expert chatbot allows a student to get clarity and build the confidence required to participate in class.

Results from Beta Tests in 2023

The tens of thousands of students that used Pearson’s beta AI study tool in 2023 showed strong levels of engagement and provided positive feedback. 

Students who used the AI study tool spent more time in their courseware and 75% of users said the tool was ‘helpful’ or ‘very helpful’ for their studies.

"Wow. This is beautiful. The content is true and explained well. It's not just saying that the answer is wrong, it's actually explaining it well."

– Faculty beta tester, College of DuPage 

“I felt much more prepared for class, quizzes, and exams all around. Not to mention, you could ask the AI study tool any question at any given time.”

 - Student beta tester, Cerritos Community College

AI study tools also coming to Pearson eTextbooks

Discover the power of an interconnected learning experience with the AI-powered study tool that will be available in Pearson eTextbooks*. Empowering students to make every moment a learning opportunity, the AI support makes it easy for them to get the help they need, quickly and without having to leave the trusted environment of their textbook.

*Selected titles

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