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Empower your students' academic writing skills with the ultimate writing companion

Encourage your students to improve their academic writing through their own work

Your students possess diverse writing skills, and identifying those who struggle with essay writing can be challenging - especially when you are teaching large cohorts. Discover the transformative way of enhancing your students' mastery of academic writing and help them truly express their ideas.

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Personalised and adaptive instructions with targeted remediation  

MyLab Writing is designed to support you in streamlining the writing process, fostering critical thinking and reinforcing deeper comprehension for your students. By utilising multimedia-rich learning paths and sharing real-time feedback, MyLab aims to inspire and empower the next generation of academic writers, offering a comprehensive solution for students to excel in their writing endeavours.

Join us on this educational journey, where writing becomes an engaging and rewarding experience for both you and your students.

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Educators at University Greenwich share their experiences of using our digital solutions

“MyWritingLab has improved my first year undergraduate Accounting and Finance students’ understanding of academic approach, referencing techniques and how to structure their work; constant and immediate feedback helps them to reflect on their performance and improve their academic writing and critical thinking skills.”
“MyWritingLab really helps my Masters students practise their academic writing skills through a combination of rich media and exercise activities. My students value receiving instant feedback and using the software has been of invaluable help to them.”

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Explore some of our best-selling titles available via MyLAB Writing, with features tailored and adapted to support students' academic writing process.

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