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You can choose to use the units as they are, or you can tailor the look and feel of particular elements of the content for your institution – helping your students to get a consistent experience and an increased sense of belonging. This includes adding your institution’s own content into the units, which can also help it resonate with your students and promote existing university initiatives. 

In recognition of the ongoing impact of the pandemic on students' mental and physical health, we're continuing to offer FREE access to the standard version of our Wellbing Unit throughout the 2023/24 academic year but you can also choose to add customised content to this unit for a small fee. 

Explore customisation options for your institution:

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If you're a student at a UK or Irish HE Institution and would like to access the FREE Wellbeing Unit directly, please visit our Online Learning Units page.

Get free access to the standard version of the Wellbeing Unit.