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How the AI study tool supports student success

In Pearson eTextbook titles that feature the AI chatbot, students can choose to interact with the chatbot at any time for any topic or they can seek support on a specific section of text. Once open, the AI technology can be used to support students in the following ways:

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If a student is stuck on a specific aspect of their course, they can select that topic in the AI tool, which will generate an explanation designed to simplify complex concepts.

Using a conversational and encouraging tone, the AI will continue to provide explanations as requested by the student until they feel confident in their understanding.

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If a student selects a specific section within their Pearson eTextbook, the AI tool can generate a summary of that section to help the student focus on key topics and important ideas presented in the content.

If summaries and explanations lead the student onto other queries, the AI tool will always guide the student back to their initial query to keep them on track.

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The AI tool can also generate multiple-choice or short-answer questions based on any section of highlighted text, or a particular chapter or topic to help students identify and address gaps in their understanding and build their confidence.

Wrong answer feedback is provided to encourage deeper understanding.

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Students can generate flashcards and notes based on their interactions with the study tool for further practice and study later.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for further clarification on how our AI-powered technology operates in Pearson eTextbook (as well as our digital learning platforms, MyLab and Mastering).

Results from Beta Tests in 2023

The tens of thousands of students that used Pearson’s beta AI study tool in 2023 showed strong levels of engagement and provided positive feedback. 

Students who used the AI study tool spent more time in their courseware and 75% of users said the tool was ‘helpful’ or ‘very helpful’ for their studies.

"Wow. This is beautiful. The content is true and explained well. It's not just saying that the answer is wrong, it's actually explaining it well."

– Faculty beta tester, College of DuPage 

“I felt much more prepared for class, quizzes, and exams all around. Not to mention, you could ask the AI study tool any question at any given time.”

 - Student beta tester, Cerritos Community College

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