Pearson’s decision-making learning simulation for early childhood

The experiential-based learning simulation, where students can virtually raise a child and observe key developmental milestones. Included within Revel® Child Development and Lifespan Development products.

A customisable simulation capturing the concepts of human growth and development in psychology

A range of features students can apply to relate and identify with their virtual child

Customisable digital avatars offer students the opportunity to

  • create and customise the appearance of their virtual child, engendering a deeper connection between themselves and their virtual world
  • complete the quizzes to determine the look and personality type of their virtual child

A diverse cast of characters encourages students to

  • create a virtual world they recognise, and as a result, better resonate with what they learn
  • indicate the gender identity of themselves and their partners, including the use of their preferred pronouns
  • create siblings who might be neurotypical or within the autism or learning disability spectrum
  • create side characters in their virtual community such as family members, friends, and neighbours

The new, prenatal section allows students to understand that

  • development does not simply begin at birth
  • there are important factors during pregnancy that play a crucial role in a child's development and behaviour

Further features students can access include

  • sophisticated feedback delivered by virtual paediatricians, teachers, and psychologists, demonstrating how students' decisions affect their child’s development over time

  • reflective writing prompts connect MyVirtualChild to course content and informed future parenting decisions

Have a Look Inside MyVirtualChild in this video - the interactive simulation in child Developmental Psychology.


A Look Inside MyVirtualChild | Child Development Psychology
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