Submit a CCPA request

Note: If you may have used more than one email address with Pearson, please submit a separate request for each additional email address. If you have logged-in to your account prior to submitting this webform request, you will be required to confirm your request via the email address associated with your account. If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, please log-in to your account, update your email address, and return to this page to submit your request. 

At Pearson, we take your right to privacy seriously. We strive to protect the rights, freedoms and dignity of all those who entrust us with their personal information, including learners, customers, and employees. 

We recognize our responsibility to keep your personal information safe and secure, and we have systems, processes, and expert staff devoted to implementing such security controls, and safeguarding data protection, across our business. In order to fulfill this request, Pearson will need to reasonably validate that you are the owner of the account for which this request is being submitted. This may require additional follow-up to ensure confidence that this request can be fulfilled. We will work to fulfill this request in a timely manner that complies with the legal requirements in your jurisdiction.