AOC Conference 2024

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Thank you for visiting our stand at AOC English and Maths Conference. Find out about the range of qualifications and support we offer.

Presenter(s): Pearson

Thank you for visiting our stand at AOC English & Maths conference!

At Pearson we want all learners to succeed in reaching their educational goals, no matter what they are. Our range of Mathematics and English qualifications and resources support learners of all abilities at whatever stage they are in their educational journey. From curriculum to tutoring and exam preparation, we can help you to get your learners to where they want to be.

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Our qualifications for post-16 English and Maths learners

Our Teaching and Learning support

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ActiveHub. Powered by insight. Guided by you.

ActiveHub is the next step in digital teaching and learning, bringing together assessment, rich data insights and next generation independent intervention practice to give you the tools you need to help your students reach their full potential. Driven by insights, ActiveHub provides everything on one platform for a powerful online learning experience, anytime, anywhere.

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Pearson Revise

Unbeatable, affordable revision

With revision resources to suit every budget and every style of learning, we're here to make revision work for your students - and to take the admin burden away from you.

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Pearson Tutoring

We offer a range of flexible online sessions with qualified teachers in GCSE Maths and English that have already supported thousands of students to date.

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Pearson Mocks Service

Mocks Service

The Mocks Service provides schools and colleges with Pearson Edexcel GCSE English and Maths exam papers* for use in mock examinations. The papers are sat by students, marked by Pearson examiners and the mock results are uploaded to ResultsPlus for item level analysis.

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