Spotlight on Early Language into Reading

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The Spotlight on Early Language into Reading event hosted by Pearson will focus on building the foundations for every child to achieve early language success. This event has now been rescheduled to 15 October 2024 in order to expand our collective conversation following developments over the summer.

Presenter(s): Pearson

80 Strand, London

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Spotlight on Early Language into Reading

Building the foundations for every child to achieve early language success

Five primary school students standing against a wall, conversing with each other


15 October 2024




80 Strand, London

About the event

Developing early language skills plays a crucial role in children’s development and forms the building blocks for learning and literacy. Prioritising language skills at primary, and tackling any barriers being faced, helps children achieve and reach their potential.

That’s why we want to ensure children are equipped to build language success, creating stable foundations for an inclusive, accessible, equitable learning journey through ages 4-19 and beyond.

Why you're invited

The journey of early language in schools is a collaborative one – and all voices have an important contribution to make. We are committed to offering a platform to teachers, leaders, experts and other sector representatives to discuss, consider and champion the right language support for today’s young learners. We will also be creating a space for attendees to explore pioneering approaches, connect with the latest in specialist support and find new inspiration from across the sector.

"Language provides the foundation of thinking and learning and should be prioritised"

Education Endowment Fund


Throughout the day, we will hear the latest research and updates from literacy specialists, tap in to panel discussions and group debates, reimagine frameworks for language and reading, and reflect on what our schools need to achieve early language success for every learner. 

In the afternoon we break out to network, finding further opportunities to share resources and help shape new outcomes in primary schools nationwide.

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"Last year, over 185,000 5-year-olds started school without the literacy, communication and language skills they needed to thrive"

National Literacy Trust

Our support for schools on their oracy journey

We want to help set every pupil on the road to achieve their potential with the ability to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with confidence. That's why we're supporting teachers with children's language development in the products we provide. 

Teacher and primary pupil in a classroom looking down happily at the pupil's work