‘Edexcel’ brand becomes ‘Pearson Edexcel’

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On 2 March we launched a new logo changing Edexcel to Pearson Edexcel. This visual change will be reflected in how Edexcel is referenced and seen by our partners, teachers, parents and students.

Over the next year, all Edexcel materials will be updated with the new Pearson Edexcel logo - this includes qualifications, certificates, exam centres, and marketing and specification-related materials. We have developed new visual guidelines to help those who work with us understand this change, and have included guidance for our endorsed publishing partners so that they can update their materials too.

"This new logo is a visible sign of Edexcel’s position as a significant member of the Pearson family, but nothing changes with what Pearson Edexcel offers, nor the way we work. As always, we’re committed to providing the best support for our partners, suppliers, customers and most importantly, our learners."

— Sharon Hague, Senior Vice President at Pearson

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