Consultation response - Ofqual - Guided learning hours

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Read our response to the Ofqual consultation on guided learning hours.

Download the PDFs to read our full response, or a summary of our response, to the Ofqual consultation.

This consultation is about how awarding organisations (AOs) should decide whether a qualification is likely to be used by people in work in England aged 16 or 17, to help them meet their legal duties to participate in education or training, and how they should calculate and describe the time students will typically need to spend studying for a qualification. Ofqual is consulting on a new approach to how the size of a qualification is estimated. Existing estimates made by AOs and expressed as guided learning hours (GLH) have not always been based on a common approach, and Ofqual wants to ensure that credit values are robust and consistent across AOs.

The outcome of this consultation was published by Ofqual on 25 March 2015.

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