My Education report

Eight thousand British teenagers were asked what they thought about their education. Find out what they said.

"My education is the key to success."

"My education is about experimenting and facing challenges."

My education means I have a bright future ahead of me.

"My education means everything to me."

On teaching...

Teachers shouldn’t just be at the front – they should interact in the classroom.

"I find it very important that the teacher is interested in their own subject. That way they get the students interested."

My opinion is important because...

"The younger generation’s voice needs to be heard more. Young people are usually portrayed as people who aren’t well behaved so our voices are not cared about."

As a student, I don’t have complete control over my choices, and others need to know how to help me.

"My Education... is my future"

"Once we leave school we’ll need to be much more independent, so should learn things that will help us later on."

"My Education should focus and inform more young people on careers and the life of work..."

My Education is important as it will help me in the future. If we didn’t have education, we wouldn’t get anywhere in life.

"Schools need to let us know more about the future, jobs, and help us to know more about careers, relating learning and work..."

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