Youth ambassadors

Meet the youth ambassadors for our My Education campaign – these young people are dedicated to making sure that students around the UK get their voices heard.

Abdul Jawula

18-year-old Abdul was born in Ghana and moved to the UK in 2005. With a keen interest in current affairs, he has spoken in front of US President Barack Obama and has addressed British MPs on social cohesion. After finishing his studies at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College in Eastleigh, Hampshire, Abdul plans to attend Nottingham University and start a career in healthcare. He’s a talented sprint runner and dreams of competing in Rio in 2016.

Portrait of Abdul Jawula

Cade Gannon

Science has been Cade’s favourite word and thing to do ever since he was little. Today Cade, 15, doesn’t just want to be a physicist – he wants to be a doctor of theoretical physics! After studying at Xaverian College, Manchester, he plans to go to university and get his PhD.

Portrait of Cade Gannon

Chadsley Atkins

Chadsley, 16, studies at Windsor High School and Sixth Form in Halesowen, near Birmingham, and will soon start his A levels in English, German, Mathematics and Physics. He hopes to take a degree in physics and German and dreams about becoming a pilot or a teacher. Chadsley regularly volunteers to teach German at his local primary school.

Portrait of Chadsley Atkins

Chelsea Goulding

A student at Barnsley Academy's Sixth Form in South Yorkshire, Chelsea, 17, has been part of StudentVoice for the last four years and is a member of her local youth council. Chelsea is also active in the UK Youth Parliament, currently campaigning for Curriculum for Life to get more life skills taught in schools.

Portrait of Chelsea Goulding

Haengeun Chi

Haengeun Chi, 19, attended Burlington Danes Academy in Hammersmith, west London. In October 2013, she started a degree in mathematics at New College Oxford, a first step to fulfilling her ambition of becoming a professor. Haengeun has spoken at national events for Teach First, and has served on Hammersmith Borough's Youth Forum.

Portrait of Haengeun Chi

Lizzie Deane

Lizzie, 16, goes to Stretford Grammar School in Manchester. She contributes to the Guardian Northerner blog, writing about issues that affect young people like technology in education. Lizzie worked with social media giant Facebook to help bring its site into the classroom environment and spoke about the experience at the 2013 Sunday Times Festival of Education.

Portrait of Lizzie Deane

Nabina Ibrahim

Nabina, 16, was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Leicester since she was three. She's proud that Leicester is officially the most multicultural city in the country and says it has been a great influence on her, especially in her role representing others. Nabina's dream is to continue being a front-runner for young people's opinions.

Portrait of Nabina Ibrahim

Tite-Live Wasolua Kibeti

Tite-Live, 17, is from Greenwich, south-east London. He completed his A levels in summer 2013 and wants to study engineering or product design at university. Tite-Live served as president of his year council for two years, representing student issues and working with his school's senior leadership team.

Portrait of Tite-Live Wasolua Kibeti

Yasmin Rufo

Yasmin, 15, goes to school in Ealing, west London and has already notched up three years as a young politician. In 2012, she was elected deputy member of the UK Youth Parliament and, a year later, Ealing's Youth Mayor. Yasmin is the London representative for StudentVoice, an adviser to Transport for London and a member of the National Scrutiny Group, which meets regularly with education ministers.

Portrait of Yasmin Rufo