#TestingTheWater: LKMco and Pearson publish final report on assessment

#TestingTheWater is Pearson and LKMco's groundbreaking new report, setting out clear steps for how assessment can underpin, rather than undermine, great classroom teaching.

The report draws together national polling data, expert interviews, think pieces from prominent educationalists, focus groups, and domestic and international case studies. It argues that teachers need greater support to maximise the value of assessment in their classrooms.

Pearson and LKMco #TestingTheWater
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The latest press release for Pearson and LKMco's #TestingTheWater report is now available, containing further information about the research and key findings.

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In May 2017, we published an Interim Report, outlining teachers', parents', governors', and young people's concerns about assessment.

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Rod Bristow, President of Pearson UK writes about the launch our new project “Testing the water – exploring the role of assessment in teaching” in Schools Week.

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This paper, by Dr Peter Hill, generates informed discussion and debate about the future of assessment in England and build on the results of the initial survey.

Download the Testing the Water stimulus paper

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Further information regarding the focus and scope of the consultation.

Download the consultation summary

A full summary of the results of Pearson’s 2016 survey of teachers’ and parents’ attitudes towards assessment and testing.

Download the 2016 survey results