Jasmine Welsh, Graphic Design Apprentice

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BTEC Award winner Jasmine welsh. Where are they now?

Jasmine Welsh was awarded BTEC Apprentice 16-18 of the Year 2014. Since then she has completed her apprenticeship and a university degree and entered the working world. We went to her offices to find out more about her new working life...

Where are they now? Jasmine Welsh
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I'm Jasmine. I'm a Junior Commercial Marketing Designer for Bauer Media. I've been here for almost a year now. Before this, I completed a Creative Media Apprenticeship around four years ago.

I've always known that I wanted to be in the creative industries. I think when you're younger it's hard to know what direction you want to go in and graphic design was a good step in the right direction for me. I’ve always loved fine art. That's what I did originally at college before doing my apprenticeship.

I feel that graphic design is the ‘in between’ of not having to be an artist to have a wage and get by, but still being really creative. You're still producing stuff that's yours. It's the middle ground.

A BTEC like Fine Art and Photography allows you immerse yourself in that industry.

After my apprenticeship, I got an unconditional offer from the university I applied to. Because I'd already set myself up from college and then taken an apprenticeship, I feel I had a step up in my application.

I think an apprenticeship is really valued in employment. Some people don't realise the transition or difference between education and working. If you're passionate about the subject you're going into, then an apprenticeship is a brilliant way to gain experience and know what it's going to be like.

An apprenticeship is intense because you're learning a subject and also working, but if you think that area is for you, that's absolutely the best way to go forward. Going to employers with the experience you’ve gained in an apprenticeship is so valuable.

An apprenticeship is the perfect bridge between education and the work place.

During my apprenticeship, winning The BTEC Apprentice of the Year 16-18 Award in 2014 was the highlight. It showed me that the hard work I’d put in had been recognised and noticed. It was nice for someone to say, 'we've noticed that you've been doing really well'. Having that now is still one of the best things, especially for my CV. It will always be on my CV, it's one of my highest achievements - I would never take it off now!


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