• Primary Digital Learning

    If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that enabling learning for primary children through digital technology is hard without preparation. Schools that had invested in pedagogy, technology and partnerships have ridden the storms of lockdowns better and with less disruption. 

    Primary teachers have been amazingly adaptable and creative in their solutions. So much is normally built into the physical spaces and human interactions on top of the formal curriculum, that moving to online resources to deliver the curriculum while maintaining relationships with the children was a big ask.  

    As we find a way out of lockdown and the 21/22 academic year comes into view this is a good time to explore how to make digital provision a more natural part of school life by integrating the best aspects of our lockdown experiences.  

  • Marlwood School: Leading the way with the Level 1 Foundation Project Qualification

    Marlwood School is enjoying a new lease of life under the leadership of Headteacher Del Planter. In their latest report, Ofsted praises the impact of a new curriculum and teachers that are encouraging learners to ‘think deeply’ and helping them reach their full potential. Del and his team are passionate about making sure his learners develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that they need to succeed in the future, and they are finding innovative ways to do this.