The good, the bad and the ugly of a career as a Primary teacher

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Teaching - the highs and lows. I became a teacher because I enjoy working with children, I want to make a difference, I get a lot out of it, I am good at it, it's my true vocation, it's challenging and offers variety.

We recently did some research with our Primary Teacher Panel to help us understand how we can support you better.

We've done other research into what you need from us in terms of resources, but for this particular study we wanted to understand what it feels like to be a teacher in the 2010s. We asked:

  • Why did you go into teaching?
  • What makes you feel appreciated?
  • What is hard about your job?
  • Why do you stay in teaching?

The individual responses (around 200) were really fascinating and gave us an interesting and sometimes sobering snapshot of the realities of being a Primary teacher today.

The infographic below showcases the most common responses we received. While there's probably nothing too surprising here for you we wanted to share it anyway because it shows some very clear themes emerging across everyone who answered.


Do you agree? Is there anything you would add, or expand on?

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