Celebrating a big 10,000...

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Celebrating the big 10,000

You have to admit, 10,000 is a big number – in fact it’s a huge number.

Did you know that in the human brain each neuron is connected to about 10,000 others?

Or that the Greek prefix for 10,000 is myriad?

Or that a myriagon is a polygon with 10,000 sides (try getting your Year 6 class to make a net for that!)

Just think how many times the Proclaimers would end up at your door if they walked that many miles…

At Pearson, we were delighted to recently take the 10,000th booking for one of our Primary Professional Development courses!

The staff at Woodland Grange School in Alfold took a course in Rapid Reading with expert trainer, Jude Edwards. They all celebrated being the 10,000th event with some well-deserved cake!

One of the teachers fed back at the end of the course: ‘Great day. Would recommend. Thanks, Jude’ – which says it all nicely.

Here’s to the next 10,000 courses!