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Bug Club

You’ve spent days of your summer break preparing for the next year of teaching. You have a good idea of what the children in your class will be capable of, you might know their strengths and weaknesses, and you’re plotting the best way of teaching your children how to read confidently, competently, and for enjoyment.

It can be one of the most painstaking times of the year - but what if it could be made easier?

Bug Club is the solution for your reading needs

Bug Club provides you with tools that make planning, allocation and assessment of children’s reading skills easier. In a recent study of existing users, 73% said it helped them to save time, meaning you can focus on the needs of your children.

Plan, allocate and assess with Bug Club

Every book in Bug Club is full of brilliant writing, vibrant characters and eye catching illustrations to help make the experience as pleasurable as possible for every child, and encourage them to read at every opportunity.

Bug Club is available for independent and guided reading

Bug Club offers an engaging and imaginative independent reading solution for your whole school. It’s in these packages that the online reading world comes into its own. Children can be assigned books to go home and read on their home computer, or iPad/tablet. While they’re immersing themselves in reading, they are encouraged to take part in embedded activities to affirm their reading skills. Children will learn to read on their own and will be motivated to do so as each child has their own online reading world, which they can personalise with rewards earned through reading. They can decorate their own digital tree house, or create online stickers.

“In a recent study of existing Bug Club users, 73% said it helped them to save time”

Guided packages are a robust approach to developing children’s fluency and deep comprehension. You’re provided with a number of different printed materials to help you plan, from individual lessons to a long-term approach.

With an eclectic mix of topics covered and genres ranging from non-fiction to plays, Bug Club’s Guided Reading books offer a huge range of intriguing texts that children will love diving into. If you’re seeking an easier way to help your children progress in their reading development, consider Bug Club. In a recent independent study*, it was proven your children can make 30 months progress in reading in 18 months.

Start your year with a reading jump start. Find out more about Bug Club.

* Results after 18 months from an independent study carried out by leading academics from UCL Institute of Education(IOE), in partnership with the Pearson UK Research Team. Research findings on progress are based on pupils beingahead of the control group.

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