How to get the max from Power Maths

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If you’re one of the many teachers who’s recently started using Power Maths, then this article is for you! Here, Power Maths Series Editor, Tony Staneff, gives some practical help and support for teachers who are taking this exciting and game-changing step. It’s a step that will help build real confidence, competence and curiosity in maths for teachers and learners alike.





Discover Generate Curiosity!
  • Each problem is a story, so bring that story to life!
  • Ask Children what they see, what it makes them think about and what questions they can discover.
  • Do one question at a time, or set both.
  • Consider deisplaying the questions only on-screen at this point. 
  • Read the question out and make sure the children understand it.
  • Get children to work in collaborative pairs, supporting them as you circulate.
  • Encourage children to write down their responses and their thinking on whiteboards
Share Get every child thinking and talking it through
  • Share and talk through the methods your children have used.
  • Compare their methods with those used by the characters.
  • You don’t need to discuss every method in the book (you know your group better than anyone)!
Think Together What we think hard about, we remember.
  • Model the first question for the children. You can still ask questions if necessary.
  • The questions are designed to build up slowly. If your children need more practice, add a question or two of your own.
  • Model how it’s good to get stuck (it means the maths is interesting)!
  • If the challenge seems too much for the children, consider returning to it at the end of the lesson or next day.
Independent practice Exploring different pathways 
  • Encourage children to show their working-out.
  • Give support as needed.

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