Supporting your Literacy and English pupils transitioning from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

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The GL Assessment report: ‘Read All About It’ (26/2/20) found that 20% of all 15-year-olds have a reading age of 11 and below, and 10% have a reading age of 9 and below.

GCSE English Language Rapid Plus
Fictional texts 44 stories from Level 3 (Reading Age 6.6) to Level 9 (Reading Age 9.6)
Creative reading Text comprehension questions – literal, inferential and personal response on each Fiction and Non-fiction Quiz pages
Non-fiction texts

44 texts from Level 3 (Reading Age 6.6 to Level 9 (Reading Age 9.6)

Non-fiction features explored on each Quiz page

Descriptive writing Follow-up photocopiables for each text covering word-level skills and extended writing
Vocabulary Vocabulary questions on the Quiz pages of each Plays (Rapid Plus 7-9)
Standard English Follow-up photocopiables focusing on grammar
Responding to questions

Detailed guided reading notes for each text 

Guidance for using evidence from the text to answer questions

Presenting Plays to read in each Rapid 7-9 book which provide the opportunity for students to practise fluency and build self-confidence in reading aloud