Top 10 tips on how to usualise diversity in the English curriculum

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Plotting Ahead... Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

In Pearson’s recent Plotting Ahead series, Deputy Headteacher, author and coach, Bennie Kara discussed the term “usualising”, a concept that was coined by the prominent LGBT+ activist Dr Sue Sanders – founder of Schools OUT and LGBT+ History Month – as a replacement for the word “normalising.” After all, to normalise something implies that any alternatives to this are somehow abnormal – sustaining a sense of irreconcilable difference, otherness and exclusivity.

In this blog, we take a look at how diversity can be usualised in the teaching of English specifically, to help create inclusive learning environments that feel relatable to all learners. These tips have been brought together from expert speakers in Pearson’s Plotting Ahead series, which was first broadcast in December 2021. Watch the events and discover more on our YouTube channel.