A review of Pearson’s Primary Interactive Library by Scott Hindle

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Scott Hindle, primary teacher and maths lead is "genuinely impressed" by Pearson’s Primary Interactive Library.

Pearson has just launched their Interactive Library, an online hub of over 5,000 interactives to help primary teachers and educators motivate and inspire pupils from Reception through to Year 6.

Here are Scott’s thoughts:

  • Games: I was genuinely impressed by the games offered in the Library. My Year 2’s loved them and grasped the concepts well. The games helped encourage active learning in the classroom.
  • Interactive resources: The interactive nature of the resources helped to maintain concentration levels in the classroom. Since Covid, there’s been a noticeable effect on the young student’s ability to focus for long periods, and the Library helped combat this.
  • Range: One aspect that particularly impressed me was the broad range of resources available, especially the maths-focused ones. As a primary teacher, I’ve come across software that provides excellent english activities, but other subjects tend to be neglected. By contrast, the Interactive Library offers english, maths, history, geography, and science activities.  
  • Time-saving worksheets: The worksheets available in the Library are great because the resources in the Library have been built around the curriculum and they reflect lesson plans. They massively reduce the need to create your own worksheets, which is a huge time saver for educators.

Scott Hindle

Scott Hindle is a primary teacher and maths lead in Darlington, Durham. He began his teaching career as a teaching assistant in 2013. From 2020 to 2022, he taught Year 6, and he currently teaches Year 2. On his Instagram account, @mr_hindle_primary, Scott shares book recommendations, display board inspirations, and valuable tips and tricks for fellow educators.

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