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The Pearson School Report provides an in-depth, independent look at the education system, from the people who work at its core – and is the latest step in our mission to collaborate, listen and learn from each other to drive forward positive change.

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What 7,000 teachers told us…

Day in, day out, educators strive to meet the academic and pastoral requirements of an entire generation, from infancy to adulthood.

So what can their frontline insights tell us about how children and young people need to thrive into the future – and how can the sector respond in a way that supports all pupils, and sustains our school communities?

On pupil development...

A donut graph shaded to represent 6 in 10

Not future focused

Six in 10 teachers do not think that the current education system is developing tolerant, sustainably minded citizens of the future.

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40% of teachers think that the current education system does not effectively support aspiration and achievement among even advantaged pupils.

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Life skills

Three-quarters of teachers think the curriculum’s approach to life skills and readiness for adult lives could be changed to better support pupils. 

When it comes to evolving the curriculum…

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Beyond academics

57% of educators say teachers need more freedom to enrich pupils’ skills beyond academics.

A donut graph shaded to represent 52%

Digital focus

Over half of teachers say that a better ‘digital curriculum’ is needed to prepare pupils for an online world.

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Importance of wellbeing

Six in 10 teachers want mental health and wellbeing incorporated into the curriculum.

Considering world events…

A bar chart shaded to represent 67% versus 82%

Learning loss

Learning loss and catch-up requirements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are still being experienced in 82% of primary schools and 67% of secondary schools.

A donut graph shaded to represent 89%


Staff absence caused by the pandemic continues to be experienced in almost 9 in 10 schools.

A speech bubble that states 70%

Global conflict

As many as 70% of all teachers have witnessed increased pupil anxiety around global conflict in schools over the last year.

And in terms of barriers to learning…

A doughnut graph shaded to represent 81%


Almost three-quarters of teachers think attendance will be a barrier to pupil learning in their school over the next six months.

A donut graph shaded to represent 50%


Half of teachers think poverty will be a barrier to pupil learning in their school in the next six months.

A graph containing 4 people, shaded to represent half of teachers


In deprived schools, half of teachers think hunger will be a barrier to pupil learning in their school in the next six months.

Headteachers plans by 2024...

A donut graph shaded to represent 65%


Almost two-thirds of headteachers (65%) will take steps to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly school.

A donut graph shaded to represent 73%


Almost three-quarters (73%) of headteachers say they'll have embedded mental health and wellbeing across their curriculum.

A donut graph shaded to represent 50%

Diversity and inclusion

Half of headteachers say they'll be teaching climate change and will have ensured their topics are diverse and representative when it comes to race, gender and ability.

Views from the sector...

"What three words best describe my role as educator? Teach, love, learn."

Year 5 Teacher

"We need to prize creativity and independence, and actively teach technology to prepare our children for a more technologically advanced world."


"My school’s biggest opportunity over the next 12-18 months? Getting disaffected students back into school post-Covid disruptions."

SLT and Secondary Teacher

The conversation doesn't stop here...

Since the first School Report was published in July 2022, we have:

  • Promoted the views of teachers to millions
  • Engaged with more than 1,000 educators and experts in the sector and beyond on the findings
  • Created more than 20 pieces of free supportive content for schools on some of the issues raised
  • Held the first in our free School Report Event series, providing practical advice from experts

And our commitment to using the insights shared with us to support schools and learners will continue.

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