Power Maths Efficacy Study

The Power Maths Efficacy Study is a three-year study that was carried out by Pearson in collaboration with UCL from 2019–2022 with 24 schools. The Study draws on teacher and pupil voice and explores how Power Maths is used in classrooms. It also delves into the impact of this on teaching and learning.

Power Maths impact

Scroll down to explore insights from the Study, including how Power Maths is:

  • improving the consistency and quality of teaching
  • increasing teacher confidence and pedagogical knowledge
  • reducing workload by doing the ‘heavy lifting’
  • enabling a whole class mastery approach
  • engaging pupils through regular structure and appealing characters.
Power Maths - Maths is an adventure

Explore insights from the study

“I genuinely believe Power Maths has done the heavy lifting for us because it’s coherently planned and it supports teachers so much.”

- School 19, Maths Coordinator