Marketing, 14th edition

Published by Pearson (July 19, 2019) © 2019

  • Gary Armstrong University of North Carolina
  • Philip Kotler Northwestern University
  • Marc Oliver Opresnik



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For undergraduate principles of marketing courses.

This ISBN is for the bound textbook, which students can rent through their bookstore.

An introduction to marketing using a practical and engaging approach

Marketing: An Introduction shows students how customer value -- creating it and capturing it -- drives effective marketing strategies. The 14th Edition reflects the major trends and shifting forces that impact marketing in this digital age of customer value, engagement, and relationships, leaving students with a richer understanding of basic marketing concepts, strategies, and practices. Through updated company cases, Marketing at Work highlights, and revised end-of-chapter exercises, students are able to apply marketing concepts to real-world company scenarios.

This title is also available digitally as a standalone Pearson eText, or via Pearson MyLab Marketing which includes the Pearson eText. These options give students affordable access to learning materials, so they come to class ready to succeed. Contact your Pearson rep for more information.

Hallmark features of this title

Content that is structured according to the current developments and changes in the marketplace.
  • Guide your students through the book's five major themes: creating value for customers, building and managing strong brands, measuring and managing ROI, harnessing new marketing technologies in the digital age, and marketing responsibly around the globe.
  • Provide knowledge that includes up-to-date coverage based on the most recent socioeconomic changes and technological developments on a global scale.
A range of features and activities that cement your students' learning.
  • A detailed Case Matrix at the beginning of the book lists all the case studies presented, establishing the learning expectations for your students and helping them organise their studying.

New and updated features of this title

Important improvements and additions reflect the latest changes in the field.
  • Extensive updates on the rise of technology and its influence on businesses, customers, and markets. A thorough discussion on the impact on new digital markets and the distribution of software and music.
  • Content thoroughly revised to reflect the changes and developments that affect marketing in the age of customer value and relationships (Brexit, EU General Data Protection Regulations, etc.)
  • Significant updates on the content based on the technological changes and consequent developments in marketing techniques.
  • Updates in the content consider the legal, ethical, and technical issues of direct marketing in Europe, followed by success stories from the world of Direct Marketing.
A plethora of case studies, revised and new, demonstrate the practical application of the concepts.

Case studies include

  • New case looking at the impact of environmental factors on German car manufacturing.
  • New case on how Netflix uses consumer-generated 'big data' to improve decision making.
  • 'Potterheads, Twihards and Tributes': New case study on the phenomenal success of J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, and Suzanne Collins, examining how the authors used their personal branding delivered by clever online marketing strategies.


1. Marketing: Creating Customer Value and Engagement

2. Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Engagement, Value, and Relationships



3. Analyzing the Marketing Environment

4. Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights

5. Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior



6. Customer Value-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers

7. Products, Services, and Brands: Building Customer Value

8. Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle

9. Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value

10. Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value

11. Retailing and Wholesaling

12. Engaging Consumers and Communicating Customer Value: Advertising and Public Relations

13. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

14. Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing



15. The Global Marketplace

16. Sustainable Marketing: Social Responsibility and Ethics


Appendix 1: Company Cases

Appendix 2: Marketing Plan

Appendix 3: Marketing by the Numbers

Appendix 4: Careers in Marketing


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