Mechanics of Materials in SI Units, 10th edition

Published by Pearson (November 9, 2017) © 2018

  • Russell C. Hibbeler
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ISBN-13: 9781292178400
Mastering Engineering with Pearson eText for Mechanics of Materials, SI Edition
Published 2018

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Thorough coverage, a highly visual presentation, and increased problem solving from an author you trust.

Mechanics of Materials clearly and thoroughly presents the theory and supports the application of essential mechanics of materials principles. Professor Hibbeler’s concise writing style, countless examples, and stunning four-colour photorealistic art program — all shaped by the comments and suggestions of hundreds of colleagues and students — help students visualise and master difficult concepts. The Tenth SI Edition retains the hallmark features synonymous with the Hibbeler franchise, but has been enhanced with the most current information, a fresh new layout, added problem solving, and increased flexibility in the way topics are covered in class.

  • 1. Stress
  • 2. Strain
  • 3. Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • 4. Axial Load
  • 5. Torsion
  • 6. Bending
  • 7. Transverse Shear
  • 8. Combined Loadings
  • 9. Stress Transformation
  • 10. Strain Transformation
  • 11. Design of Beams and Shafts
  • 12. Deflection of Beams and Shafts
  • 13. Buckling of Columns
  • 14. Energy Methods
  • Appendix
  • A    Geometric Properties of an Area
  • B    Geometric Properties of Structural Shapes
  • C    Slopes and Deflections of Beams
  • Solutions and Answers for Preliminary Problems
  • Fundamental Problems Partial Solutions and Answers
  • Selected Answers
  • Index


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