Psychology, 7th edition

Published by Pearson (May 26, 2023) © 2023

  • G Neil Martin Regents University London
  • Neil R. Carlson University of Massachusetts, Amherst



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Introduce your students to all the key fields of Psychology with an authoritative yet accessible textbook

Psychology is the internationally best-selling introduction to one of the world's most exciting sciences. This invaluable text covers every major branch in the field and will help students discover and engage with classic and contemporary topics, theories and applications.

The 7th edition has been extensively revised and updated with over 1,000 new references, a major new section on replication in psychology and a new interview feature offering insights into the work of 14 leading researchers and practitioners.

Richly illustrated throughout with examples from across the globe, each chapter is packed with a range of features, connecting the diverse strands of the subject and bringing it to life for students.

Hallmark Features of this title

Comprehensive and authoritative coverage, bringing the subject to life for your students.

  • Controversies in Psychological Science: encourages your students to question and reflect upon the complex nature of topics within the field.
  • International Perspectives: provide a comparative global perspective on topics such as psychological responses to COVID-19, conspiracies, exercise and healthy eating.

Content that strikes a balance between classic and contemporary theory, research and practice.

  • Spotlight on: 56 recent studies highlight significant or unusual research from across the field
  • Psychology in Action: highlights the link between theory and application, considering a range of real-world examples.

All 17 chapters have been fully revised and now include 1.000 new references, with new and emerging topics and research reflecting recent world events.

New and updated features of this title

New features & content offer your students a deeper understanding of this constantly-evolving discipline.

  • Interviews with 14 psychology practitioners or leading researchers in psychology, including educational and clinical psychologists, a member of the UK SAGE behaviour sub-committee, the co-ordinator of a fear lab, the training manager for the National Autistic Society, the co-founder of an online psychology experiment business, a psychologist who runs fMRI experiments, and the co-founder of the Open Science Framework and ManyLabs
  • A major new section on replication in psychology in Chapter 1- the issues, the problems and possible solutions- and an interview with Professor Brian Nosek
  • All new further reading/viewing suggestions
  • The mental disorders chapter has been fully revised to include ICD-11

New, topical content and examples to engage your students

  • Topics include vaccine acceptance; attitudes to climate change; the rise of fake news and how to fight it; nudging and its problems; conspiracy theories; face recognition technology and its use and effectiveness; the use of phonics to teach reading; sex differences and the brain; machine learning; screen and social media use in teenagers; predicting your personality from your digital footprint; and how behaviour and sensation changed during COVID-19 and lockdown

Explore all the key fields of Psychology with the Pearson Enhanced eBook.

This enhanced ebook version of Psychology 7e contains a selection of additional interactive features specifically designed to support your students in their study, including:

  • Multiple choice questions with dedicated and immediate feedback embedded at the end of key sections, to enable your students to check their understanding and manage their progress.
  • Annotated live links to useful articles, websites, video clips or other sources of interest included throughout to help them consolidate their understanding or explore a topic in further depth.
  • End-of-chapter quiz with dedicated feedback that allows your students to check their knowledge of key topics and concepts and help them prepare for exams.
  • Page Fidelity & reflowable text: an improved reading experience, with the page numbers of the eBook matching the printed text.

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  1. The science of psychology
  2. How to study behaviour
  3. Evolution, genetics and behaviour
  4. Psychobiology and neuroscience
  5. Sensation
  6. Perception
  7. Learning and behaviour
  8. Memory
  9. Consciousness
  10. Language and communication
  11. Intelligence and thinking
  12. Developmental psychology
  13. Motivation and emotion
  14. Personality
  15. Social psychology
  16. Psychology and health
  17. Mental health and illness




Dr G. Neil Martin is an Honorary Professor of Psychology at Regent's University, London.

Dr Neil R. Carlson is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, USA.

About the enhanced eBook contributor

Steph Acaster is an Associate Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University. She has carried out research in the field of visual perception, investigating how context can influence the perception of a surface's lightness, as well as the associated brain activity. In addition, she also studies language and music perception and sensory/perceptual experience related to personality traits. Her main teaching experience is in research methods, statistics, and biological psychology.

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