Social Psychology, 9th edition

Published by Pearson (November 2, 2021) © 2022

  • Michael A. Hogg Claremont Graduate University
  • Graham M. Vaughan University of Auckland



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Introduce your students to classic and contemporary theories of Social Psychology and encourage them to broaden their understanding of this fascinating subject.

Social Psychology, 9th Edition is a market-leading text that offers the most comprehensive coverage of the subject.

The current edition provides in-depth scientific coverage of theory and research, placing social psychology in a contemporary, real-world context.

With its unique global approach and innovative features, the book is an essential learning resource for your students, encouraging them to apply key social concepts and explore new research findings.

This text includes a Revel® edition. (coming soon)

Hallmark Features of This Title

Encourage students to explore contemporary Social Psychology within a real-world context, from theory to practice.

  • In-depth scientific coverage of social psychological theory and research.
  • A unique global approach, combining the UK, European, and North American perspectives.

Support your students' learning with a plethora of useful features

  • A wealth of in-chapter features, including research highlights, sections focusing on 'Your Life', broader global issues in 'Our World', and sections on literature, film, and TV, help your students gain a deeper and applied understanding of concepts and issues.
  • Richly illustrated with photos and diagrams to help bring the subject to life.

New and updated features of this title

Introducing new material reflecting recent developments and the impact of COVID-19.

  • Discussion and extensive reference to populism, COVID-19, Global Warming, and the Climate Crisis throughout the book.
  • New material describing the 2010s Reproducibility and Replication Crisis in Social Psychology, and the Open Science Movement.
  • Expanded coverage of Essentialism and a refocused and relabelled discussion of the Correspondence Bias.
  • Expanded discussion of Narcissism and Collective Narcissism.
  • Emphasis on social media and the Internet throughout the text.

Thoroughly updated features focusing on contemporary research and theories in the field.

  • Updated research on Minimal Group Studies and Minimal Categorisation Effects.
  • Updated and extended coverage of conspiracy theories, and their relationship to Populism.
  • Updated coverage of the social identity perspective on health attitudes and behaviour, focusing on depression and COVID-19-related social isolation.
  • Updated and reconfigured coverage of group cohesiveness.
  • Updated discussion of leadership – specifically, coverage of the social identity theory of leadership, research on gender and minorities and leadership, and the 'glass cliff'.
  • Significant updating of the discussion of prejudice to reflect contemporary gender, racial and age-related discrimination.

Features of Revel® for the 9th Edition

Introduce your students to classic and contemporary theories of Social Psychology and encourage them to broaden their understanding of this fascinating subject.

Social Psychology, 9th Edition is a market-leading text that offers the most comprehensive coverage of the subject.

With its unique global approach and innovative features, the book's engaging content encourages your students to understand social issues and apply concepts according to new, cutting-edge research findings.

Dynamic content brings concepts to life.

  • Videos and interactives integrated into each chapter's narrative illustrate themes related to the real world, helping students learn actively and retain their learning.
  • Embedded assessments help students check their understanding, spot gaps in their learning, and request feedback.
  • Image galleries help to illustrate theories and processes.
  • The Revel® mobile app allows students to read and practice anywhere, anytime, on any device – online and offline.

An essential learning resource for lecturers and students that helps improve results.

  • Shared writing tasks allow your students to respond to a question, participate in a debate or share opinions and perspectives.
  • Drag-and-drop and fill-in-the-blank activities reinforce your students' understanding.
  • End-of-section and end-of-chapter quizzes test understanding with multiple-choice questions.


About the authors


Guided tour

  1. Introducing social psychology
  2. Social cognition and social thinking
  3. Attribution and social explanation
  4. Self and identity
  5. Attitudes
  6. Persuasion and attitude change
  7. Social influence
  8. People in groups
  9. Leadership and group decision-making
  10. Prejudice and discrimination
  11. Intergroup behaviour
  12. Aggression
  13. Prosocial behaviour
  14. Attraction and close relationships
  15. Language and communication
  16. Culture


Michael Hogg received his BSc from the University of Birmingham and his PhD from the University of Bristol and is currently Professor of Social Psychology and Chair of the Social Psychology Program at Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles, and an Honorary Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Kent. A former President of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, he has also been a Professor at Bristol University, Princeton University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland, and a Visiting Fellow at SapienzaUniversità di Roma.

Graham Vaughan, a former Professor of Psychology and Chair of Department at the University of Auckland, has been a Fulbright Fellow and Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a Visiting Lecturer and Ford Foundation Fellow at the University of Bristol, a Visiting Professor at Princeton University, a Visiting Directeur d'Etudes at the Maison des Science de l'Homme, Paris, a Visiting Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore, a Visiting Fellow at the University of Queensland and a Visiting Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge.

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