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  • Festival of Functionality | CPD events

    Hello and welcome to the Functional Skills blog for October 2022. This month we will be looking at Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Functional Skills teachers. 

  • ESOL and Functional Skills Maths

    Hello and welcome to a new blog series focusing on Pearson Skills qualifications, featuring updates and important information on ESOL, ESW and EDSQ qualification suites.

  • Functional Skills Pass Rates 2021/22

    Hello and welcome to Pearson’s Functional Skills blog for August 2022. As it is the end of the academic year, we will be looking at the pass rates for Functional Skills 2021/22. In addition, we will also be looking at the average marking times for our Functional Skills assessments. 

  • Festival of Functionality

    Hello and welcome to this month’s Functional Skills blog. In September and October 2022, Pearson will be hosting Festival of Functionality, a series of online events to support tutors of Functional Skills, ESOL and EDSQ provisions and help prepare them for the new academic year of delivery. This will be our largest CPD event with over 20 hours of CPD and updates available for tutors and managers, free of charge.

  • Functional Skills | Maths Anxiety

    Hello and welcome to this month’s Functional Skills blog. At a recent AELP Maths and English Summit, the delegates were asked about the biggest barriers to learner success in maths and English, the most common issue raised was that of learner engagement. Unfortunately, this should come as no surprise to anyone teaching in the sector, with many recent discussions and events with providers across all post-16 delivery covering this very topic.