What is the Employer Partnership for Learning?

A collaborative consortium of global employers who, together, drive change efforts and solutions to close the gap between learning and work. As the global experts in learning and a leading partner in the education ecosystem, we convene the connections, insights, technology and learning experiences that can underpin this transformation.

We believe that as a collective we can create more positive change together than any of us could drive on our own.

The Employer Partnership for Learning works in a twofold structure: – an agenda setting Forum for Lifelong Learning with CHROs & CLOs and a working group with senior HR leaders.

The Consortium was formed November 2019.

Our Ambitions

Together we:

  • Foster a collaborative community to help leaders and their organisations to leap-frog forward and be future fit for a new business paradigm.
  • Find ways to resolve our workforce pain points by understanding the learner so that together we can deliver learning experiences that are relevant and transferrable.
  • Drive progress by identifying emergent issues and marketplace phenomena that we can study and co-develop solutions.
  • Gain a fresh perspective through shared knowledge from peers across different industries.

Our Work

We work to inspire, innovate and integrate solutions with our partners.

We have created a community of trust across 20 industries to share and solve for upskilling and reskilling, assessment and credentialing and how we can mobilise and improve the marketplace. We brainstorm and co-design; we support and beta-test co-developed products.

In 2022 we launched a new monthly workshop series with opportunities for engagement with experts from within Pearson and our technology partners focussed on the latest in L&D including Virtual Human Assessments, AI Inference and Experiential Learning. Recent and upcoming sessions include the Learning in the Metaverse, Motivation with Credentialing, Blockchain Credentials and Learning ROI.