Pearson TalentLens

Pearson TalentLens offers soft skill assessment solutions for corporate recruitment and lifelong career development. Soft Skills are highly relevant to understand a person's strengths, growth opportunities and development areas and are predictive of job fit and ultimately, performance in a role. TalentLens has a portfolio of occupational psychometric assessments supported by over 70 years of research and development activities, including high quality measures of personality, cognitive abilities, critical thinking, motivations and interests.

Assessment solutions

With TalentLens, you can predict performance and assess the suitability of a candidate at any level or position in your company. We offer reliable assessment solutions to give you a complete picture of your candidates and their potential for performance.

Targeted capabilities for skill assessment and credentialling

Artificial intelligence and assessments

Learn about how artificial intelligence can enhance the assessment of skills and test taker experience. Work with Keisha Phillips at TalentLens on the development and testing of modular skills assessments featuring immersive game-style simulations.

Keisha Phillips, Senior Research Director, USA

Keisha Phillips Ph.D., Senior Research Director, USA

Collaborate with Keisha

Get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating in the following ways:

  • Participate in user testing of the POCs and beta assessments
  • Supply Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or serve as a SME for content development and scoring of skills
  • Participate in pilot testing the assessments
  • Assistance with artificial intelligence technology for content delivery and/or scoring
  • Assistance with using assessment results to offer credentialling