Learner stories

Learners of all levels are realising their career ambitions with our work-based qualifications and programmes. Read our learner stories to see how these individuals are developing the skills they need to be successful at work.

Delroy's story

Delroy, 37

* This story is by Delroy Taylor from Free2Learn.

Ryan's story

Ryan, 17

* This story is by Ryan Watkinson from York College.

Jamie Lee's story

Jamie Lee, 18

* This story is by Jamie Lee Cunningham from Dairy Farm Training.

Poppy Lou's story

Poppy Lou, 18

*This story is by Poppy Lou Feather from York College.

Declan's story

Declan, 17

*The story is by Declan O’Neill from Dairy Farm Training.

Shauna's story

Shauna, 16

*This story is by Shauna Gorman from Dairy Farm Training.

Phillip's story

Phillip, 17

*This story is by Phillip Lynch from Dairy Farm Training.

Simone's story

Simone, 38

* This story is by Simone Addison from Free2Learn.