Maintaining Your Creative Hobbies

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David Marquez
A young man working alone in a large art studio.

Creative hobbies can be some of the most influential pieces to maintaining a healthy balance within your life. Having a creative outlet is human nature, it is how we have all the things that exist around us.

Avoid comparisons

Through our hobbies, we express ourselves by putting our passion into what we make. It is important when you are creating to avoid comparing your work and output to others, as every process is not the same. Even if we follow directions step-by-step, the end will never be the same result as others. It is important to keep in mind that regardless of what you create, you are learning and exploring just like everyone else. As you continue to advance into your practice, you’ll find that you start making the patterns that help you tie together a community that grows from the simple fact of creation itself.

Be open to exploration

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep creating; things in life come up and the world seems to spin faster than it did before. It is okay to then branch out into new things. When you find yourself in a rut you might feel lost, but it is thinking and learning outside of what you know that will get you going again. As humans we were not meant to stay in one place forever, our brains won’t allow it. Simply exploring one corner for all time will leave you there. It is only when you turn around that you find a whole space full of your interests. And don’t think that you must give up on the medium you love if you need a break. Sometimes it is those breaks that enhance our comeback to our creations.

The world is full of countless crafts; whether physical, digital, auditory, etc. You can find creative practices all over. When creating, we become attuned with the world around us, taking a break from the pressures of our environments and allowing us to escape into a world of expression.

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