From Math Literacy to Quantitative Literacy

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Join Eric Gaze of Bowdoin College for a discussion on tactics to engage students in Quantitative Reasoning courses.

In this webinar, we share elements to consider for a Quantitative Reasoning (QR) course that addresses the challenge of empowering people to think quantitatively about everyday issues by providing a firm foundation in proportional reasoning and modeling with spreadsheets. QR curriculum is distinguished from traditional mathematics in that the context drives the content in QR, and in teaching QR, “content is inseparable from pedagogy and context is inseparable from content.” (p.18 NCED) We discuss how to engage our students with course material and pedagogical approaches embedded in meaningful, real contexts. To this end, we explore the use of articles and reading assignments alongside worksheets and problem-based learning. Assignments that scaffold QR skill development while deepening students’ reasoning capabilities will be discussed.  



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