Affordability & Access

Learn about programs, products, and services that can help your institution make education more affordable and accessible to all students.

Bridging the Gap in Affordability

We're expanding access to learning materials.

The cost of learning materials shouldn’t be a barrier to education. With a shift from print to digital, the price of course materials has decreased. Our support of affordability models like Inclusive Access programs has helped drive down costs while making sure students have the required materials they need on the first day of class. And Pearson+ provides access to over 1800 eTextbooks and study tools for one low monthly price. These options allow you to assign the materials you trust at a price your students can afford.

Pearson offers affordable learning solutions tailored to the unique needs of each student while upholding the quality of content that Pearson is committed to. 

Pearson+ eTextbooks can help increase student engagement and enhance learning with a range of digital features. Launched in July 2021, over 4.3M students have put textbooks in their pocket with Pearson+. eTextbooks are available for as low as $10.99/month for students. *

Access & affordability: Adopting your favorite Pearson materials with affordability fee models like Equitable Access or Inclusive Access saves students' money and ensures they have the required materials on the first day of class.   

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*4-month minimum term, pay monthly or upfront