Business Communication Today, 15th edition

Published by Pearson (January 2, 2020) © 2021

  • Courtland L. Bovee
  • John V. Thill


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For business communication courses.

Technology and communication intersect to prepare students for the workplace

Business Communication Today demonstrates the vital connection between recent technological developments and their impact on the business world. It also takes a look at timeless communication skills that are important to today's business practices.

With coverage of mobile communication, social media, and the emerging impact of artificial intelligence, the 15th Edition blends leading-edge topics with timeless fundamental skills. With a clear, fluid chapter organization, the text introduces, develops and reviews major concepts to maximize students' understanding of the material.

Hallmark features of this title

Relatable, real material

  • Chapter-opening vignettes set the stage for important business communication topics throughout the text, using real, contemporary examples.

Student-focused features

  • Build Your Career activities help students create employment-communication packages so they're ready to apply for jobs by the end of the course.
  • Apply Your Skills Now boxes help students apply their newly developing communication skills in other classes and their personal lives.

A flexible organization

  • An efficient organization of topics makes the text easily adaptable to courses of all lengths.

New and updated features of this title

Current and emerging issues

  • UPDATED: Intelligent Communication Technology boxes provide glimpses into fascinating technologies, from augmented writing tools to résumé bots.
  • NEW: An “Empowering Communicators with Intelligent Communication Technology” 4-page visual shows 15 applications of AI and smart technology.

Relatable, real material

  • NEW: Real-life examples and 90 new figures give students a deeper understanding of business and mobile communication, social media, and how these skills and concepts relate to their lives.
  • NEW: Communication Cases challenge students to craft messaging for mobile devices, giving them first-hand practice of essential business communication skills. Half of the cases now feature real companies in a wide variety of industries.

Student-focused features

  • NEW: 5-Minute Guides serve as reminders of the steps needed to accomplish a variety of communication tasks, from writing emails to planning reports and presentations.
  • 150 NEW: End-of-chapter questions and exercises help students master essential business communication ideas and skills.

Highlights of the DIGITAL UPDATE for MyLab Business Communication (available for Fall 2022 classes)

Instructors, contact your sales rep to ensure you have the most recent version of the course.

  • NEW: Communication Improvement Mini Sims get students to think critically and get hands on with realistic business correspondence. Using the interactive experience of a mini simulation, students walk through various types of written communications, identify problem areas, and correct them based on the appropriate business purpose.
  • NEW: Writing Prompts have you grade 20 submissions to tailor the rubric to your grading style. Artificial intelligence then takes over to offer automatic, personalized grading, just like you would.

Features of MyLab Business Communication for the 15th Edition; published 2020

  • UPDATED: Videos explore multiple business topics related to the theory students are learning. Exercise Quizzes assess students' comprehension of the concepts in each video.
  • The Grammar Diagnostic Study Plan has students take a pretest and receive a personalized study plan and targeted practice. With this, they can stay focused and improve in the areas where they need help.
  • Document Makeovers give students experience in drafting and analyzing documents to make them more successful in crafting their own business messages.
  1. Professional Communication in a Digital, Social, Mobile World
  2. Collaboration, Interpersonal Communication, and Business Etiquette
  3. Communication Challenges in a Diverse, Global Marketplace
  4. Planning Business Messages
  5. Writing Business Messages
  6. Completing Business Messages
  7. Digital Media
  8. Social Media
  9. Visual Media
  10. Writing Routine and Positive Messages
  11. Writing Negative Messages
  12. Writing Persuasive Messages
  13. Finding, Evaluation, and Processing Information
  14. Planning Reports and Proposals
  15. Writing and Completing Reports and Proposals
  16. Developing Presentations in a Social Media Environment
  17. Enhancing Presentations with Slides and Other Visuals
  18. Building Careers and Writing Résumés
  19. Applying and Interviewing for Employment

About our authors

Courtland L. Bovée and John V. Thill have been leading textbook authors for more than 2 decades, introducing millions of students to the fields of business and business communication. Their award-winning texts are distinguished by proven pedagogical features, extensive selections of contemporary case studies, hundreds of real-life examples, engaging writing, thorough research, and the unique integration of print and digital resources. Each new edition reflects the authors’ commitment to continuous refinement and improvement, particularly in terms of modeling the latest practices in business and the use of technology.

Professor Bovée has 22 years of teaching experience at Grossmont College in San Diego, where he has received teaching honors and was accorded that institution’s C. Allen Paul Distinguished Chair. Mr. Thill is a prominent communications consultant who has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups. He formerly held positions with Pacific Bell and Texaco.

Courtland Bovée and John Thill were recently awarded proclamations from the governor of Massachusetts for their lifelong contributions to education and for their commitment to the summer youth baseball program that is sponsored by the Boston Red Sox.

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