Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (August 15, 2003) © 2004

  • Charles S. Revelle Johns Hopkins University
  • Earl Whitlatch Ohio State University
  • Jeff Wright University of California, Merced


ISBN-13: 9780130478221
Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering
Published 2003


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For junior/senior-level courses in Systems Analysis or Systems Analysis and Economics as applied to civil engineering.

With a reorganization and new material, the Second Edition of this acclaimed text is designed to enhance the student's learning experience by providing exposure to modeling ideas and concepts. Network flow problems are emphasized by highlighting their study separately from the general integer programming models that are considered. With a wider range of examples and exercises that conclude many chapters, this text offers students an extremely practical, accessible study on the most modern skills available for the design, operation and evaluation of civil and environmental engineering systems.

 1. Explaining Systems Analysis.

 2. Models in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

 3. A Graphical Solution Procedure and Further Examples.

 4. The Simplex Algorithm for Solving Linear Programs.

 5. Linear Programs with Multiple Objectives.

 6. Linear Programming Models of Network Flow.

 7. Integer Programming and Its Applications.

 8. Scheduling Models: Critical Path Method.

 9. Decision Theory.

10. Lessons in Context: Simulation and the Statistics of Prediction.

11. Lessons in Context: A Multigoal Water Resources Problem Utilizing Multiple Techniques.

12. Lessons in Context: Transportation Systems.

13. Dynamic Programming and Nonlinear Programming.

14. Engineering Economics I: Interest and Equivalence.

15. Engineering Economics II: Choice Between Alternatives.

16. Engineering Economics III: Depreciation, Taxes, Inflation, and Personal Financial Planning.

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