Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach, 12th edition

Published by Pearson (February 8, 2024) © 2025

  • Curt R. Bartol
  • Anne M. Bartol

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ISBN-13: 9780137848034
Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach
Published 2024

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Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach
Published 2020


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Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach offers a comprehensive psychological approach to criminal and antisocial behavior. Building on a tradition of excellence, authors Curt and Anne Bartol present an accurate, well-researched introduction to the field. Coming from a psychological perspective, they take a detailed look at crime, what may lead to it and how criminal behavior may be prevented. With a focus on serious crimes, particularly those involving violence, the text offers an all-inclusive overview of criminal behavior through effective and engaging material.

The 12th Edition features increased coverage of contemporary issues, including bias and hate crimes, human trafficking, sexual assault, cyberbullying and mass killings.

  1. Introduction to Criminal Behavior
  2. Origins of Criminal Behavior: Developmental Risk and Protective Factors
  3. Origins of Criminal Behavior: Biological/Neurological Factors
  4. Origins of Criminal Behavior: Learning and Situational Factors
  5. Human Aggression and Violence
  6. Juvenile Delinquency
  7. Psychopathy
  8. Crime and Mental Disorders
  9. Homicide, Assault, and Intimate Partner and Family Violence
  10. Multiple Murder, School, and Workplace Violence
  11. Psychology of Modern Terrorism
  12. Sexual Assault
  13. Sexual Assault of Children and Youth
  14. Burglary, Home Invasions, Thefts, and "White-Collar" Offenses
  15. Violent Economic Crime, Cybercrime, and Crimes of Intimidation

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