Domain-Driven Design Distilled, 1st edition

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (June 1, 2016) © 2016

  • Vaughn Vernon

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ISBN-13: 9780134434995
Domain-Driven Design Distilled
Published 2016
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ISBN-13: 9780134434421
Domain-Driven Design Distilled
Published 2016


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Domain-Driven Design Distilled brings DDD to life. Whether you’re a developer, architect, analyst, consultant, or customer, Vernon helps you truly understand it so you can benefit from its remarkable power.

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

About the Author xvii

Chapter 1: DDD for Me 1

Will DDD Hurt? 2

Good, Bad, and Effective Design 3

Strategic Design 7

Tactical Design 8

The Learning Process and Refining Knowledge 9

Let’s Get Started! 10


Chapter 2: Strategic Design with Bounded Contexts and the Ubiquitous Language 11

Domain Experts and Business Drivers 17

Case Study 21

Fundamental Strategic Design Needed 25

Challenge and Unify 29

Developing a Ubiquitous Language 34

Architecture 41

Summary 44


Chapter 3: Strategic Design with Subdomains 45

What Is a Subdomain? 46

Types of Subdomains 46

Dealing with Complexity 47

Summary 50


Chapter 4: Strategic Design with Context Mapping 51

Kinds of Mappings 54

Making Good Use of Context Mapping 60

An Example in Context Mapping 70

Summary 73


Chapter 5: Tactical Design with Aggregates 75

Why Used 76

Aggregate Rules of Thumb 81

Modeling Aggregates 88

Summary 98


Chapter 6: Tactical Design with Domain Events 99

Designing, Implementing, and Using Domain Events 100

Event Sourcing 107

Summary 109


Chapter 7: Acceleration and Management Tools 111

Event Storming 112

Managing DDD on an Agile Project 125

Timeboxed Modeling 132

Summary 136

References 137

Index 139

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