Essentials of A&P for Emergency Care, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (November 24, 2010) © 2011

  • Bryan E. Bledsoe
  • Jeff J. Ankney University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown
  • Bruce J. Colbert University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown
  • Karen T. Lee University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown


ISBN-13: 9780132180122
Essentials of A&P for Emergency Care
Published 2010


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Chapter 1    Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: Learning the Language

Chapter 2    The Human Body: Reading the Map

Chapter 3    Biochemistry: The Basic Ingredients of Life

Chapter 4    The Cells: The Raw Materials and Building Blocks

Chapter 5    Tissues and Systems: The Inside Story

Chapter 6    The Skeletal System: The Framework 

Chapter 7    The Muscular System: Movement for the Journey

Chapter 8    The Integumentary System: The Protective Covering

Chapter 9    The Nervous System (Part I): The Information Super Highway

Chapter 10    The Nervous System (Part II): The Traffic Control Center

Chapter 11    The Senses: The Sights and Sounds 

Chapter 12    The Endocrine System: The Body’s Other Control System

Chapter 13    The Cardiovascular System: Transport and Supply

Chapter 14    The Respiratory System: It’s a Gas

Chapter 15    The Lymphatic and Immune Systems: Your Defense Systems

Chapter 16    The Gastrointestinal System: Fuel for the Trip

Chapter 17    The Urinary System: Filtration and Fluid Balance

Chapter 18    The Reproductive System: Replacement and Repair

Chapter 19    The Journey’s End: Now What?

Appendix   Answers to Test Your Knowledge


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