Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis, 6th edition

Published by Pearson (July 14, 2021) © 2019

  • Philip B. Bedient Rice University
  • Wayne C. Huber Oregon State University
  • Baxter E. Vieux University of Oklahoma
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Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis offers a clear, up-to-date presentation of fundamental concepts and design methods required to understand hydrology and floodplain analysis. The text addresses the computational emphasis of modern hydrology and provides a balanced approach to important applications in watershed analysis, floodplain computation, flood control, urban hydrology, stormwater design and computer modelling. Three main sections guide students through the material, while examples, case studies and homework problems reinforce major concepts.

The 6th Edition includes brand-new chapters that cover geographical information systems (GIS) and the latest advances in computer modelling applications, along with new and updated examples and case studies.

  1. Hydrologic Principles
  2. Hydrologic Analysis
  3. Frequency Analysis
  4. Flood Routing
  5. Hydrologic Simulation Models
  6. Urban Hydrology
  7. Floodplain Hydraulics
  8. Ground Water Hydrology
  9. Design Applications in Hydrology
  10. GIS and Spatial Information in Hydrology
  11. Radar Rainfall Applications in Hydrology
  12. Flood Policy and Risk Management in the United States
  13. Case Studies in Water Resources: Flood and Drought Management in the United States


  1. Symbols and Notation
  2. Conversion Factors
  3. Properties of Water
  4. Normal Distribution Tables and Excel Normal and Gamma Distribution Functions
  5. Useful Hydrology-Related Internet Links

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