Ironworking, Level 3, 2nd edition

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Applied Trade Math, Flux Core for Ironworking, Stud Welding, Structural Ironworking Three, Advanced Rigging, Precast/Tilt-Up Erection, Special Application Hoisting Devices, Survey Equipment Use and Care Two, Pre-Engineered Systems, Miscellaneous/Ornamental Ironworking, Grating and Checkered Plate, Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging, and Demolition.

·         Now in color.

·         Updated to reflect new and changing technology in industry practices, and updates to AISC Code of Standard Practices and OSHA Standard on use of cranes in construction.

·         Updated safety precautions for lead, asbestos, and treated lumber.

·         Module added to apply mathematical processes to common on-the-job duties for an ironworker.

·         Full-color illustrations and photographs are used throughout each module to provide vivid detail and highlight important concepts.

·         Added advanced modules on rigging and survey equipment.

(Total Level Hours: 150)


Applied Trade Math

(5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292280-7

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292293-7

Explains the math needed to calculate the size of cribbing or blocking needed for a load; parts of line, maximum load,

and line pull for lifting operations; sling capacities; and load distribution for two-crane lifts. (Module ID 30313-12)


Flux Core for Ironworking

(40 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292281-4

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292294-4

Describes the equipment and methods used in flux core arc welding (FCAW). Includes proper selection and use of

filler metals and shielding gases, as well as techniques for performing fillet and V-groove welding in various positions.

(Module ID 30314-12)


Stud Welding

(10 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292282-1

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292295-1

Introduces the stud welding process, stud welding safety, and identifies the equipment used to weld studs. Provides step-bystep

procedures to set up welding equipment and guidelines to make acceptable stud welds with proper stud placement.

Explains testing of stud welds. (Module ID 30304-12)


Structural Ironworking Three

(10 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292283-8

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292296-8

Explains the techniques used to plumb, align and guy steel structures, including the associated the hazards and risks.

Provides information and procedures related to the installation of trusses and curtain walls. (Module ID 30312-12)


Advanced Rigging

(10 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-266189-8

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-266192-8

Explains how the load weight and center of gravity affect a lift. Covers sling selection and spreader bar use, as well as the use

of cribbing and inclined planes. Includes case studies from three complex lifts. (Module ID 38301-11)


Precast/Tilt-Up Erection

(12.5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292285-2

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292297-5

Describes the fabrication and uses of precast concrete elements and cast-in-place tilt-up wall systems. Focuses on rigging

practices associated with these two distinct construction methods and the role of ironworkers in their installation.

(Module ID 30311-12)



Special Application Hoisting Devices

(10 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292286-9

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292298-2

Explains techniques for rigging and moving equipment using a variety of hoisting devices, including gin poles, Chicago booms,

A-frames, davits, balance beams, pump handles, high lines, caterpillar dollies, rollers. Also covers special cranes, including

derricks, gantries, HLDs, trolley cranes, and jacking frames. (Module ID 30307-12)


Survey Equipment Use and Care Two

(15 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292287-6

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292299-9

This module focuses on the total station and its uses, including setup and controls. It includes information on primary and

secondary control points and procedures for turning horizontal angles and plumbing columns and wall panels. (Module ID



Pre-Engineered Systems

(5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292288-3

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292300-2

Identifies the structural components and accessories of metal buildings and describes their installation. Describes the preerection and erection procedures that apply to their installation and the safety precautions associated with the installation.

(Module ID 30302-12)


Miscellaneous/Ornamental Ironworking

(5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292289-0

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292302-6

Identifies the types of ornamental metal and describes the different types of components used in ornamental ironworking.

Explains the skills required to fabricate and install ornamental components safely. (Module ID 30303-12)


Grating and Checkered Plate

(5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292290-6

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292303-3

Provides general information and procedures for the installation and attachment of gratings and checker plate. Describes the

rigging methods associated with grating and checker plate. (Module ID 30316-12)


Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging

(12.5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-610530-5

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-610508-4

Describes air carbon arc cutting equipment and processes. Identifies the electrodes and safe operation of the equipment.

Provides step-by-step instructions for performing air carbon arc washing and gouging activities. (Module ID 29104-09)



(10 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292291-3

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-292304-0

Identifies the tools used to remove rivets and explains the demolition skills required to safely remove structural steel

beams, steel columns, and steel reinforced concrete columns. (Module ID 30310-12)

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