Mechanical Insulating, Level 3, 2nd edition

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Board and Block Insulation, Sheet-Metal Lagging, Jacketing Systems, Jacketing Fabrications - Pipe and Fittings, Jacketing Fabrications - Vessels and Equipment, Removable and Reusable Flexible Insulation Covers, Specialized Insulation Systems, and Fundamentals of Crew Leadership.

Board and Block Insulation (17.5 Hours) Covers the measuring requirements of board and block insulation; scoring, beveling, and cutting methods; and how to install board and block insulation on flat or curved surfaces and on large diameter tanks. (Module 19207)

Sheet-Metal Lagging (15 Hours) Describes the identification and application of common sheet metal tools, discusses fabrication and installation methods, and covers flashing and sealing techniques. (Module 19312)

Jacketing Systems Describes the purposes and the types of insulation jacketing available for mechanical systems. This module also explains how to work with various kinds of organic, polymeric, and other types of jacket not made from rigid sheet metal. (Module 19313)

Jacketing Fabrication — Pipe and Fittings (42.5 Hours) Covers the identification and applications of pipes and pipe fittings and describes types of pipe and fitting jacketing, along with layout installation procedures and securements. (Module 19310)

Jacketing Fabrication — Vessels and Equipment (25 Hours) Covers the identification of vessel and equipment jacketing, along with layout, fabrication, installation procedures, and securements. (Module 19311)

Removable and Reusable Flexible Insulation Covers Provides a detailed introduction to removable and reusable flexible insulation covers, and explains the construction and installation of commercially-fabricated and kit insulation covers.(Module 19314)

Specialized Insulation Systems (5 Hours) Describes special-application insulation systems, including low-temperature and prefabricated panels; refractory insulation; soft pads and pre-shaped removable covers; preinsulated systems; spray, foam, and pour-in-place insulation; fire stops; noise and sound control systems; and cryogenic applications. (Module 19308)

Fundamentals of Crew Leadership (22.5 Hours)

The course covers basic leadership skills and explains different leadership styles, communication, delegating, and problem solving.  Jobsite safety and the crew leader's role in safety are discussed, as well as project planning, scheduling, and estimating. (Module 46101)

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