Pipeline Maintenance, Level 3, 1st edition

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes General Maintenance and Winterizing Pipeline Equipment, Pipeline Damage Inspection (CT 34 and 35), Performing In-Line Inspections (CT 29), Pipeline Repair (CT 9.5, 37, 40.1, 40.2, 40.3, 40.4, 40.5, 40.7, and 40.91), Relocating and Lowering Pipelines (CT 33 and 34), Hot Tapping and Stoppling® - 2.5" and Larger (CT 40.6, 40.8, 40.9, and 40.91), Tank Repair, Maintenance Welding on Pipelines (CT 42), Performing Pipeline Disconnection Procedures (CT 36) and Vault Maintenance and Confined Space Entry (CT 59).

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(Total Level Hours: 202.5)

62301-02 General Maintenance and Winterizing Pipeline Equipment (7.5 Hours)

Explains preventive and predictive maintenance and general maintenance on rotating machinery. Explains gas compressors and maintaining pumps and prime movers.


62302-02 Pipeline Damage Inspection (CT 34 and 35) (10 Hours)

Identifies sources and types of damage, including construction, third-party, natural events, and blasting. Explains checking pipe clearance and repairing wide cracks and foam damage.


62303-02 Performing In-Line Inspections (CT 29) (15 Hours)

Explains the preparation for pigging, types of pigs and associated tools, and running pigs. Includes following up       on collected data, such as interpreting findings.


62304-02 Pipeline Repair (CT 9.5, 37, 40.1, 40.2, 40.3, 40.4, 40.5, 40.7, and 40.91) (40 Hours)

Covers the proper procedures for several pipeline repairs. Includes information on installing various types of pipe sleeves, cutting and replacing sections of pipe, performing taps of two inches or smaller, and repairing shorted casings.


62305-02 Relocating and Lowering Pipelines (CT 33 and 34) (15 Hours)

Explains preparations for moving pipelines, both in-service and out-of-service, procedures for moving pipelines, inspecting the line, and backfilling the excavation.


62306-02 Hot Tapping and Stoppling® - 2.5" and Larger (CT 40.6, 40.8, 40.9, and 40.91) (15 Hours)

Discusses hot tapping procedures, including safety issues, selection of equipment, and preparation for tapping. Gives instructions for installing tapping machines, and stoppling procedures.


62307-02 Tank Repair (40 Hours)

Explains complete tank repair, including flange tightening, nondestructive testing, electrically insulated fittings and flanges, welding, bottom repair, bottom replacement, moving, arc burn and weld repair, roof installation, shell plate replacement, aluminum and steel floating roof demolition, building a floating roof, floating roof in-service seal replacement, and nozzles, manways, and sumps.


62308-02 Maintenance Welding on Pipelines (CT 42) (25 Hours)

Explains repairing arc burns, defective welds, direct pass defects, butt welds, and previously repaired welds. Includes weld or cylinder of pipe replacement, general welding procedures, and dealing with problems. Also discusses the requirements for inspection of maintenance welds on pipelines. 


62309-02 Performing Pipeline Disconnection Procedures (CT 36) (20 Hours)

Identifies equipment and procedures required to safeperform disconnection procedures and hazards that may be encountered. Explains performing safe dipipeline segments, and sealing disconnected pi


62310-02 Vault Maintenance and Confined Space Entry (CT 59) (15 Hours)

Identifies the safety requirements and the hazards of confined space entry. Explains vault inspections. 

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