Probability and Statistics (Classic Version), 4th edition

Published by Pearson (July 1, 2022) © 2023

  • Morris H. DeGroot Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Mark J. Schervish Carnegie-Mellon University

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ISBN-13: 9780137981694
Probability and Statistics
Published 2022

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ISBN-13: 9780134995472
Probability and Statistics (Classic Version)
Published 2018


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Probability & Statistics, 4th Edition is a revision of the well-respected text. It presents a balanced approach of the classical and Bayesian methods and now includes a chapter on simulation (including Markov chain Monte Carlo and the Bootstrap), coverage of residual analysis in linear models, and many examples using real data. Calculus is a prerequisite, and a familiarity with the concepts and elementary properties of vectors and matrices is a plus.

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Brief Contents

  1. Introduction to Probability
  2. Conditional Probability
  3. Random Variables and Distributions
  4. Expectation
  5. Special Distributions
  6. Large Random Samples
  7. Estimation
  8. Sampling Distributions of Estimators
  9. Testing Hypotheses
  10. Categorical Data and Nonparametric Methods
  11. Linear Statistical Models
  12. Simulation

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